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Facing the sea waves, at sunrise, at sunset, and at all hours of the day, your event will be perfect!

Against the backdrop of the lapping waves and the setting sun, sunrise, or any hour at all—your event will be spectacular!Welcome to the distinctly special, deeply touching events that await you in the prestigious events halls at the Galei Sanz Hotel. Endless possibilities will enable you to arrange the perfect event — according to your very own definition of perfection — with scrupulous planning for every occasion: bris, bar mitzvah, wedding, engagement, conference, or other gathering.

The spacious, elegant hall has been designed and outfitted to accommodate events for up to 400 seated guests, with the possibility to host smaller, more intimate events as well. The hall is equipped with the finest sound and lighting systems and closed circuit video system in order to show the event on the ladies’ side. The hall hosts events and special occasions all throughout the year.

When producing events, we focus on every single detail, especially on the quality and taste of the food, polite professional service, and stylish serving dishes. Your simchah will be complete…and leave you eagerly awaiting the next Galei Sanz hosted occasion.

Our staff is comprised of experienced, first-rate professional we pay attention to every single detail, especially the quality chefs, kitchen workers, and waiters who undergo professional training to ensure that your special occasion meets the highest standards.The hotel’s management puts its vast experience in fine food and accommodations to work for your event, with the winning combination of a prestigious, stylish hall and an advanced chef-run kitchen that is under the supervision of the Badatz of the Sanz community. Many people choose to hold their simchas at the Galei Sanz Hotel, for example, by taking a long weekend at the hotel—arriving on Thursday evening for a delightful stay that includes enchantingly mehudar Sheva Brachah seudos.

• Weddings•

A chassunah is a major occasion that has to be perfect. For the parents, for the new couple, and for all the guests. We arrange everything so you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of…

• Bar Mitzvah •

Turning bar mitzvah is a significant milestone in the life of every boy, as he enters adulthood and accepts upon himself the Torah and its mitzvos. Mark this moment in an honorable hall that befits the focus of your event and makes an uplifting and unforgettable impression.


A bris is an especially moving occasion as a newborn baby enters the Covenant of Avraham Avinu. At this time when we give thanks for the birth of a child it is fitting to celebrate in an expansive way that enhances your joy and gratitude.

• Business Events •

Looking to launch a new brand? Arrange a memorable corporate conference?  Host a winning event for your customers?
We’re happy to help you make it happen. With patience, knowledge, and lots of experience, we can build the concept, the décor, and the food to suit your vision and your budget.


Hosting an event?
Here’s how to do it right…

If this is the first simchah you are planning, don’t hesitate to ask others for advice: your parents, older siblings, good friends, aunts and uncles, and so on. Producing an event is not a simple task and it’s a good idea to gratefully accept any and all offers of help.

The three most important factors to keep in mind as you weigh your options are: your preferred geographical location, the number of guests, and your budget. At the new events hall at the Galei Sanz Hotel we tailor the event to meet your needs —with portions starting at 130 NIS up through prestigious gourmet portions for upscale events. At your event you can combine a meal at tables in the air conditioned hall with an outdoor chuppah  or reception on our rooftop porches with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

Before closing a contract for a hall, clarify the kashrus standards of the hotel. Has the hall received positive reviews? Have you spoken with people who have held simchas there in the past? It’s also a good idea to check out the hotel yourself to form your own impressions. When you visit you can see the décor from up close, get a better sense of the size of the hall, the quality of the food, the service, and the management. An important tip about waiters — they will be serving your guests the entire time. Be sure that they are polite, experienced, and suited to the atmosphere of your event.

Get yourself a nice notebook and write lists of all the tasks that need to be handled, and the items that need to be bought before the event. Assign a separate page for invitations, music, photography, etc.

If you are making a bris, do not leave any tasks for the day of. Do everything before and dedicate this time to davening for the success of the simchah and of the new arrival himself.

The Checking Out a Hotel Checklist?

Besides the obvious things, be sure to check out the layout of the building, the acoustics, the relative ease or difficulty of reaching the hall, and keep the following factors in mind as well:


Are there enough parking spaces for your guests’ cars? If relevant, are there spaces designated for handicapped parking? Is the parking lot dirty and likely to turn into a mud trap during the wet winter months?


Inspect the hotel’s restroom facilities, both on the men’s and ladies’ sides during an event. Is it hygienic? Does the washroom need washing or is it clean and well-maintained? This is evidence of the true level of the entire hall, and if it’s lacking, is likely to diminish the positive experience of the guests since nearly every one of them will visit this part of the hall as well.

Kashrus Certificate and Business License

A business license is important for several reasons—firstly, to provide assurance that this is a real operation and is not going close up shop the night before your event, secondly, because it constitutes assurance that all the relevant authorities — from the municipality to the fire department to the Ministry of Health — have approved of the workings of the hall. A Kashrus certificate and the on-going presence of a Kashrus supervisor allows guests to enjoy the meal without doubts and concerns.

Handicapped Accessibility

Check if entry to the hall is comfortable for both handicapped and elderly guests with canes or walkers. Stairs, with no elevator in sight, may mean a major difficulty for your guests .

Level of Crowding and Generator

Pay attention to whether or not the hall feels overcrowded and then consider how the number of guests you are inviting would feel in that same space. Is there enough of a passageway between the tables? Is there sufficient distance between the tables and the dance floor? It’s also important to find out if the hall has a backup generator, in case of a power outage.

A Clever Formula for Calculating the Number of Guests

Before you tell the manager of the hall how many people to expect, know that the number of guests who actually arrive at a simchah is generally 10-20% lower than the number of invitees and adjust your number accordingly. (If you requested that the guests RSVP, know that it is not commonly done in Eretz Yisrael and many people will come without RSVP’ing .) Either way, check that the hall will be preparing up to 10% more meals as spares.

At the renovated hall of the Galei Sanz Hotel you can celebrate a magnificent event:

All types of events, up to 400 guests

A winning location, facing the sea in Netanya

Elegant, totally up-to-date hall

Rich, varied menu

A few words
about Galei Sanz

The new Galei Sanz Hotel is within arm’s reach of Netanya’s separate beach, amidst lush green expanses and a breathtaking scenic view. The hotel, which has been faithfully tending to its guests for dozens of years, underwent extensive construction and renovations this past year. From the foundations up to the rafters, it has been upgraded and beautified. Our uniquely impressive building plan was followed to the finest detail.

Now all that beauty and comfort is waiting for you…


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From Beitar: 177

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