The Experience

Facing the sea waves, at sunrise, at sunset, and at all hours of the day, your event will be perfect!

The facilities at the magnificent Galei Sanz Hotel offer you a “Luxury on the Sea” vacation experience that is one-of-a-kind in Eretz Yisrael for the Chareidi community.
Our staff is at your service around the clock — giving personal attention to each guest and setting the stage for a uniquely magical vacation.The hotel’s facilities are also available to you at all hours, and of course the separate beach is open to everyone…

Gourmet meat restaurant

mehadrin kosher restaurant In the evening hours


A dazzling abundance of culinary delights

A few words
about Galei Sanz

The new Galei Sanz Hotel is within arm’s reach of Netanya’s separate beach, amidst lush green expanses and a breathtaking scenic view. The hotel, which has been faithfully tending to its guests for dozens of years, underwent extensive construction and renovations this past year. From the foundations up to the rafters, it has been upgraded and beautified. Our uniquely impressive building plan was followed to the finest detail.

Now all that beauty and comfort is waiting for you…


Bus lines:

From Yerushalayim: 407
From central Bet Shemesh: 624
From Elad: 270
From Bnei Brak: 612, 613, 614
From Beitar: 177

For additional information: *8787 

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